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Recruitment for Businesses

Our Recruitment Expertise

Our personalised approach to recruiting allows us to develop a deep understanding of our client's culture and objectives. We specialise in placing both permanent and contract roles across multiple functions

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Legal

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Supply Chain

  • Procurement and Logistics

  • Banking and Financial services

  • Technical Healthcare

Our clients range from local SMEs and startups to large Multi-National Corporations. Our vast knowledge and experience gained from our broad range of clienteles allow us to attract top-tier candidates. We hope to serve as a bridge, connecting our clients with the best talent out there by offering smooth, personalised and confidential service of the highest calibre. We also tap on our recruitment expertise to advise our clients on the most appropriate approach to recruiting employees who will suit their needs best.

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Our Recruitment Process

Client Acquisition

Internal Briefing

Candidate Research


Interview & Selection

Candidate Validation

Offers & Negotiations


Relationship Management

Serious Conversation

Value-added Services

Our recruitment team spend hours talking to each job seeker within the PMET sector to ensure the perfect job match that complements their career aspirations.


We hope to help them;

  • Understand what different employers are looking for

  • Realise their career aspirations

  • Improve the quality of their Résumé

  • Know how to attract employers who will be their right match

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